XFL 2020!

Vincent Kennedy McMahon announced today (Jan 25th) that in the year 2020 The XFL will return to the football world.

The league is going to be rebooted from its past failure in 2001, where it only lasted a year. So what’s going to be different? Since the last XFL was a joint venture with the WWE, it came to be an event more for show rather than a competitive sport. In the 2020 version, the XFL will be it’s own entity, according to McMahon. He also stated that the league’s season would be held during the off-season of the NFL, a time in which the world misses football. The XFL will be faster, safer, and strictly for the fans. According to McMahon, he isn’t going to have a league full of criminals or guys like “he hate me” from the 1st league. But what’s football without criminals?

McMahon is worth 1.62 billion dollars. With his wealth and close relationship with president Trump, who knows, maybe this can work. Meanwhile, I’ll be on the train attempting to get a team in Southwest Virginia. Perhaps Bristol? Doubtful, but one can hope. Be sure to watch and listen to McMahon’s not so impressive press conference where he assures us all that “he will be listening to the fans.” https://youtu.be/t8a8EFMAuSU



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