A Passionate Champion


Roger Federer. When you hear his name you think of the words, “tennis,” and “champion.” That is because he is undoubtedly the greatest male tennis star to ever play the game. Federer has collected many accolades throughout his 20-year career, along with a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, nearly 1200 wins, and 96 titles. Ranked in the top 10 from 2002-2016, he always seemed to be at the top. He was also able to hold a number 1 ranking in the ATP for a solid 302 weeks, including a consecutive 237 weeks. His career thus far has consisted of unbelievable dominance and a record-holding number of 19 Grand Slam titles.


On Sunday morning (Jan 28), in the early hours of 6:30 a.m. (EST), he reached a milestone that, at the age of 36, seemed almost unimaginable to many fans and analysts.

This morning, Roger accepted the Australian Open trophy for the 6th time. The Switzerland native defied the critics, and his age, to win the Aussie Open for the second straight year. The 5-set win over Marin Cilic moved him up to 20 total Grand Slam titles. The passion that he continues to play with as he reaches the pinnacle of one’s athletic years is truly inspiring. He has taken the tennis world by storm since stepping on the court as a professional in 1998 and still maintains that influence in 2018.

I watched Roger kiss that specialized RF20 trophy during the post-match ceremony. For a moment I thought, “I bet he is so used to this!” Tears began to flood his eyes and I realized that he still carried that true passion for the game that he loves most.

Check out Roger Federer in his post-match speech on YouTube here:


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