Hungry Man Meals Introduce New Culinary Creation…


Fake News Nate here, bringing you my first official post. I felt that the subject matter of such an important event should be about something dear to my heart. Foodstuffs.

Hungry Man meals..we’ve all eaten them. Even if we weren’t that hungry, or that manly. Just the name alone evokes a feeling of satiated satisfaction. Alternatively, names like “Famished Fella” or “Peckish Chap” just don’t seem to convey the same satisfying, fill your belly, “Oh my God, i just wanna lay down” power of the Hungry Man meal.

Introduced in the early 70’s by the food company Swanson, Hungry Man gave us an epic hero of a meal. With bigger portions for bigger appetites and endorsed by football star “Mean” Joe Greene, the colossal calorie monster (the meal, not Joe) was destined for..wait..this is terribly boring. We both know you didn’t come here for a history of Hungry Man. Who the hell is here for that nonsense? Go use Google or something if that’s what you wanna know. You came here for MY story about MY experience. And the wonder i experienced from within the box just the other day. Or you accidentally clicked into this mess of a post. Either way, I’ve gotten you interested, I’m sure. Are the hooks in yet? Well, prepare to be hooked by the best hooker around. I’m going to show you what today’s amazing Hungry Man team has created…Yes, a combination so inventive, Thomas Edison would give applause. So delicious, world famous chef Gordon Ramsay has called it a “modern miracle of culinary cuisine”.A taste bud EXPLOSION, a flavor OVERLOAD..ladies and gentlemen, I  give to you..this…


Yes, because nothing brings out that rich chocolaty goodness of a warm brownie like F@&%ING CORN…Mmm..sign me up for that recipe, Hungry Man. “Sure Nate”, you just whip up some delicious brownie batter and then dump a whole can of Great Value, flavor ruining CORN into the mix…Don’t even drain the damn can. Hell, lets spice it up for the big dinner when Granny comes over and toss in a sloppy-ass can of CREAM corn. Go big, if you’re gonna go. They’ll smell that savory combo baking in the kitchen and, in between the inevitable dry heaves, ask you “What are you making?” And you’ll proudly tell them its a recipe you learned from me. The one that I learned from Hungry Man. Everyone will then leave hungry, confused, and maybe even a bit unsettled (watch cream corn boil in brownie mix and see if you come out mentally unscathed). Hopefully though, they will have a quick easy option waiting for them at home in the freezer. A good ole Hungry Man meal.

Until next time, this is Fake News Nate signing off. And remember, you can’t screw up the facts when you never tell the truth…

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