Top 5 Brews (VA)

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These are reviews from people who live right here in Va, and beer lovers from across the United States.

5. Double Orange Starfish (Aslin Beer Company)

B/A score. 4.5/5 

185 Ratings

Alc% 8.30

This Imperial IPA can be found in Herndon, Va.

If you are looking for a strong kick mixed with the sweet taste of Oranges, this is the beer for you. Double Orange Starfish actually looks just like orange juice but lacks the appearance of a starfish. Definitely a killer beer!


4. Orange Starfish (Aslin Beer Company)

B/A score. 4.47/5 

262 Ratings

Alc% 5.70


Yes, you did just read about an Orange Starfish beer. But look at the first one again. That was a “Double Orange Starfish”. This Starfish beer is second to what is actually three of Aslin Beer Company’s brews that cracked the top 5 of Virginia’s best beer’s. The difference between this beer and the last is exactly how it sounds. The Orange Starfish beer is a sweet tasting beer with the taste of oranges, only this one is EVEN sweeter and not as strong as the “double”. More people seem to test and enjoy this version of the Orange Starfish.


3. Master of Karate (Aslin Beer Company)

B/A Score. 4.47/5

325 Ratings

Alc% 8.40

Aslin Beer Company strikes yet again with its number one rated beer and 3rd best in the state. This company really likes its fruity orange looking beers, and apparently so does everyone else. This is probably the most expensive beer on this list and certainly the thickest. The somewhat tropical tasting beer has a serious kick to it. Although the alcohol percentage isn’t extremely high it is said to taste like a beer that after a few, will put you down for the night.


2. Trickery (Hardywood Park Craft Brewery)

B/A Score. 4.45/5

470 Ratings

Alc% 13.50


Hardywood Park Brewery is located in the state capital Richmond, Va.

Trickery is a milk-based imperial beer that is aged in apple-brandy barrels for eight months. For me, that last sentence says enough. This beer is pretty strong but is loaded with the desirable taste of apples. I have personally tried this brew and it is one of my favorites. I strongly encourage beer lovers to go out and give this brew a try.


1. Kentucky Christmas Morning (Hardywood Park Craft Brewery)

B/A Score. 4.47/5

347 Ratings

Alc% 10.60


Hardywood sneaks in again, this time with the number 1 rated beer in Virginia according to This dark beer is a milk/sour stout style with an enjoyable strong taste. Kentucky Christmas Morning has the perfect balance in taste and texture that beer testers fall in love with. This brew is definitely on my future tasting list and should be on yours.

After seeing the top 5 brews dominated by only two company’s you readers should try to get your hands on all of these highly rated beers. I personally would have put one of the many good brews from Lexington’s Devils Backbone Brewing Company in, but after being bought out by Anheuser Busch I guess they did not meet the requirements.

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