America’s Favorite Blue Collar Family Returns


One of the best comedies to ever come across our televisions set is coming back and it’s just what a reboot should be.

It is not typical for a working-class family to be the center of a hit television show. Roseanne, a popular show that ran from October of 1988 to May of 1997, did just that. Roseanne Connor (Roseanne Barr) and Dan Connor (John Goodman) are the parents of a working-class family in Lanford, Illinois. They have three children, Becky (Lecy Goranson/Sarah Chalke), Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and DJ (Michael Fishman), and were constantly accompanied by their Aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf). Johnny Galecki will return as Darlene’s husband, David, but only for one episode due to contractual issues from his current work with NBC and The Big Bang Theory. The show ran for 9 seasons and was ranked in the Top 20 of Nielson and even was number 1 one year, just barely beating out The Cosby Show.

The reboot to Roseanne has been talked about for years now and the premier is just around the cornerĀ in March. If you’re a fan of the show like I was, this will be a great addition to the countless shows that grace our screens and hopefully one that will be able to stick around.

All of the original cast members have been confirmed to be returning to the nine-episode revival. Some new faces include Emma Kenney, who will play Darlene’s teenage daughter and is determined not to struggle like her parents and grandparents did. Kenney also plays Debbie Gallagher in the popular Showtime series, Shameless. Christopher Lloyd is also making his Roseanne debut as Lou, a boyfriend of Roseanne and Jackie’s mother, Beverly (Estelle Parsons).

It is unsure if the role of Mark, Becky’s husband, will be returning as Glenn Quinn, who played the role in the originalĀ series, died of an overdose in 2002.

The new Roseanne revival premiers on ABC on Tuesday, March 27 @ 8 P.M. with an hour-long episode and continue with half-hour episodes the following weeks.


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