“Give em the heater, Ricky”

Sports fans, baseball fans, movie fans, in general, have most likely heard of the classic baseball comedy series Major League.  Movies based on a bunch of nobodies playing for the Cleveland Indians (Long live Chief Wahoo).

Fact is, sports have a tendency to imitate life and become a “metaphor for life”.  Woah, what, wait a minute don’t stop reading yet; this is not going to be a damn self-help section of the site, but a place that connects life and sports.  Trust me, this is going to be a fun ride!

Okay, I’m trailing off.  “Give em the heater Ricky” a phase at the climax of the movie resonates day to day life.  Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn went away from the 100+ MPH fastball early in the film in hope of prolonging his career.  Vaughn got peppered throwing curves and whatever the hell else, he was not throwing fastballs because he thought it was what was needed to have a long fruitful career. Until…wait for it…..Vaughn went back to strength, back to the heater.

Yes, this is a movie, but hear me out.  Every day we face choices.  Choices that determine our future; choices that define us.  Sometimes coming up with alternative tactics to move forward such as throwing a curveball or slider will work, but sometimes that is not what needs to be done.  There are times when sheer brute force is what is called for.  Whatever the obstacle standing in your way might be, attacking that sum-bitch head on, full speed, with all your strength, can be the key to victory. Tomorrow, next year, and the future don’t mean shit if you can’t conquer what is in front of you right f’n now!

So if you find yourself at a crossroads in your life, career, or whatever; keep moving forward, with all you got!  And remember:

”Give em the heater”!!!!


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