BRR, Super Bowl Sunday!

The Super Bowl was once again an incredible ball game. But we were able to see two things that were different from last year.1. Tom Brady and the Pats were not victorious (80% of the world loves it).

2. Blue Ridge Report exists (100% of the world loves it).

The Eagles won, yeah everyone already knows this. So what did Blue Ridge Report do during the Super Bowl? Well, next year our team will come together for a huge watch party. But this year we all had a different experience. Below are videos of most of our team members Super Bowling it up.

First off, we have our guys from “The Universally Irrelevant Podcast” Zach Otey and Derek Richards.

Yeah,¬†Zach is a fan of the Patriots, the only one at Blue Ridge Report (You’re reign of terror is over). Derek is on the left and if you guys have not seen his skydive that he posted on our site you are really missing out, it is insane!

Next is Dylan Walker “dwalk30” co-host of “The TD Sport Podcast”

He was balling out on a recliner with his family. He was also too good to show his face. (Taking Shots at VP)

So this next guy probably didn’t even watch the Super Bowl. You know him as FakeNewsNate.

I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but FakeNewsNate definitely has the best sense of humor at Blue Ridge Report!

Then you have me. The Prez and also a Co-host of “The TD Sport Podcast”

With my entire family in the other room, I stepped aside after the last play of the game with a Dorito¬†in my mouth. Just Mobbin, “Fly Eagles Fly” no I am not an Eagles fan just HATE the Patriots.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to two of our guys missing in the videos.

Jonathan Romano: Co-Admin, writer, and editor.


I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Superbowl and our post. Subscribe to our website and join us right here In The Heart Of The Blue Ridge Mountains.

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