“Do simple better…”

482695C8-08DA-45C2-8A17-376A7341BF46“Do simple better
The process is fearless
The process lacks emotion
The process is the moment
The process is the mental anchor
The process simplifies the task”-Joe Maddon

I want to preface this by saying I am in no way a Cubs fan, but I am a baseball nut and can appreciate a coach with style.

So what in the hell is Joe Maddon talking about in this quote?  Let’s see if we can figure it out…

First. “Do simple better” This is my favorite portion of the quote.  It’s easy; if you dissect a task or a goal and find the things the are the simplest to do and perfect them; greater things will follow.  Whatever you are trying to build starts with the simple things.

“The process is fearless, the process lacks emotion” It’s okay to fear, but it’s not okay to let the fear of doing something dictate the outcome. Therefore the process is fearless; meaning you overcome the fear and conquer in spite of the fear.  The fear is utilized as fuel!  Emotion is a process killer.  Emotion clouds ones judgment and emotion causes one to hesitate.  In sports, as in life; hesitation can be the difference between winning and losing.

”The process is the moment, The process is the mental anchor”. When you are working towards a goal, the critical aspect is whatever is going on in the very moment you are in.  Tomorrow does not matter, yesterday is gone.  You are setting the stage for your success!  To remind you of that is the mental anchor.  The thing that keeps you grounded, the thing that when you want to quit says “hey you sumbitch, you have something you need to accomplish”.  The mental anchor is the prerequisite to achieving your goal. If it isn’t there, your time is wasted.

”The process simplifies the task”  Lastly, if the process is legit and being preformed to the best of YOUR ability, it will be simple.  You do simple better, the groundwork has been laid; you are a fearless badass who can control your emotion and live in the moment, and stay in the moment until it is crushed through the simplest of methods, you are going to succeed!

Honestly, quotes from famous coaches and people are all cool and shit, but it is all useless unless you take the parts that can help you and utilize them.  If you are reading this, you have an ingrained ability to survive, to do whatever it takes to succeed in life, in sports, in whatever!


Keep punching!


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