Big Lick Comic Con 2018! Actors, Cosplayers and Gamers Gather in Roanoke VA.

To Blue Ridge Report: I apologize. I usually wait a bit between posts to let other writers do some stuff. But I was just too damn excited to tell you guys about Roanokes Big Nerd Extravaganza..Big Lick Comic Con. This was my first time attending this particular convention and it was a very enjoyable experience. I saw old friends, fellow dealers that I know from my selling days, and a wealth of cosplayers dressed as their favorite fantastical characters.

So many great costumes and vendors. So I just mashed up a pic of some of the action.

Upon entering the HUGE dealer area, I managed to capture the elusive murderous clown Pennywise, eating what appeared to be normal food..and then a bit later, he was sizing me up, presumably for a bigger meal.. Just my luck…

penny combo

             As you can guess, I took alot of pictures.. I also spoke to many independent artists, shop owners, and authors. These people are the backbone of these conventions. They show up every time to promote and sell, sometimes taking losses in the process. But it’s all about getting the exposure for your brand or store. Among those I spoke to were Jason Scott, owner of SPOOKABLES (a subject of a future blog entirely), and VA based author Mark Reefe. Marks books are available through both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I spoke with him briefly about one of his novels, entitled “The Road to Jericho”, and I found that, as he was telling me the tale of “Finn” and his supernaturally unfortunate circumstance, Mr. Reefe was literally hooking me right then and there. Dammit. I now wish that I had picked up a copy, but luckily, I know where to find them.

mark reefe
Author Mark Reefe and the book I wish I had bought..

Come to think of it, I didn’t buy a single thing there..I know…Whats wrong with me? What kind of nerd am I?? The financially handicapped kind. Even poor Jason Scott, primed and ready in his SPOOKABLES booth, was unable to squeeze a dollar from my empty wallet..But I’ll remedy that later in the year…

night eyes
Jason showing off his Night Eyes at SPOOKABLES. Oh and a movie poster, too

I did, however, speak to actor Sean Gunn from Marvels smash hit “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. We briefly talked about his role and he informed me that he will be part of the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” films as well. Man. I was standing there, talking to someone who acted alongside some of our favorite heroes. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood. That’s a pretty damn cool feeling, lemmie tell ya. I know..I’m a geek. And I’m at peace with that. When it was time to move on, I thanked Mr. Gunn for coming to our little area and appearing here for the fans.

Actor Sean Gunn from “Guardians of the Galaxy”, doing a panel for the audience in Roanoke

I shook hands with Mr. Gunn and turned to walk away, only to find myself face to face with..Eric Cartman…Yes. The Eric Cartman, of South Park fame. I’m not kidding guys. This Kid looks EXACTLY like the pleasantly plump evil genius we’ve all loved for years. I’ve seen him before at the different local conventions, but I’ve never been able to catch him. Until today. I recorded a video of him, but because my internet is terrible, I cant seem to upload it for you. Sorry kids. Life isn’t always fair. But I will at least give you a GIF of it. And to be fair to the kid, his monologue was pretty damn funny.


So another convention comes to a close, and I, Fake News Nate, get to tell you a serious story. Ya know, I dig doing alittle reporting here and there. Don’t get too used to it though. I feel some lies a’ brewin’… See you cats next time. And never EVER forget. You cant screw up the facts when you never tell the truth.


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