Blue Ridge Report Spends a Day in Roanoke

On A rainy Saturday in Southwest VA, the majority of the Blue Ridge Report team took a trip up the interstate to “The Star City.” Growing up in Northern Ohio and only living here in Virginia a number of years, I am not very familiar with Roanoke. I had heard of the Berglund Center but never had the privilege of visiting the multi-purpose arena and I must say I am very impressed with all it has to offer.Dylan Walker and I drove up to Roanoke around noon to meet up with FakeNewsNate at the Big Lick Comic Con located in the Berglund Center. This was also another first for me.

The comic con was lit up with excitement. Dylan and I kind of felt out of place, everyone was in this intense motion almost like a machine of buying, selling, and admiring. If it weren’t for Nate’s presence we would have looked like a bunch of jackasses. I had never seen anything like it. Pennywise himself was there and really admired Dylan (He was scared shitless).

I am not going to go into much detail about the Comic-Con because Nate hit the nail on the head with his last article. Which you can find here. However, I will say I had a great time and look to forward to possibly covering future events by Big Lick Entertainment.


After a couple of hours at the Comic-Con, Dylan and I left Nate to take on the job alone at the Berglund Center. We joined up with other members of Blue Ridge Report to grab a bite at AwfulArthurs. This restaurant offers an incredible variety of food and beer. The team and I were extremely impressed with the downtown area of Roanoke and hope to return sooner rather than later.

Then came an exciting ending to our visit. We attended a game at The Berglund Center; Roanoke’s very own hockey team, ‘The Rail Yard Dawgs’ took on The Knoxville ‘Ice Bears’. BRR got to witness an awesome, action-packed game of hockey. The Berglund Center had over 3,000 fans in the stands to cheer on the Dawgs. The Rail Yard Dawgs won that game 5-1 and with every goal, the environment grew more and more intense. The roar of the crowd seemed to get louder the more the Dawgs pulled away. The Blue Ridge Report crew joined in on cheering for the local team early in the first period and never stopped. Two of our writers Jonathan Romano and Zach Otey also wrote about their experiences. Find those article here: Blue Ridge Report and The Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs and A Night with the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs.


I myself have not been to a hockey game in years, and I must say I have been missing out. Right in our backyard lies an incredible hockey team with a great local fan base. I encourage all readers to go check out the Rail Yard Dawgs. Find any information you need at Check out the video below, that I captured.


What a day for Blue Ridge Report. We will return to Roanoke and the Berglund Center very soon to cheer The Rail Yard Dawgs on again.

BlueRidgeReport; A place for everyone to find a little of everything. Thanks for reading.


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