Tunes Tuesday (02/13/2018)

Welcome back to Tunes Tuesday, where I give you a playlist of 10 songs that I’ve been listening to and that have been suggested by you guys, the viewers. Sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy the sounds of the week.


1. Songbird – Fleetwood Mac

So I decided to start the list off this week with our throwback song, Songbird. This soft track is from one of my favorite albums of all time, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. I also thought this would appropriate because of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Christine McVie, one of the three main vocalists for the band, came up with the song in the dead of night and only took 30 minutes to compose and write the song.


2. Time Will Be The Healer – Glen Hansard

I first saw Glen Hansard last week when he performed on CBS This Morning and I have been listening to the Irish singer-songwriter almost nonstop since. This is the closing track to his newest album Between Two Shores which came out earlier this year on Jan. 19. I like this song because it kind of reminds of the song you would hear as the credits rolled after your favorite season of your favorite tv show ended. I definitely suggest this album if you’re into more subtle music.


3. My My My! – Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan’s newest single, My My My!, is the first song we’ve heard by the Australian based artist after the success of his debut album, Blue Neighbourhood (2015). According to Vulture, the track is “Built over full, spare, nimble synth notes and building into a classic EDM crescendo.” This song has definitely put Sivan into the high ranks of pop acts as we await his sophomore album, expected to drop somewhere in the next three months.


4. These Days – Rudimental ft. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen

“I hope someday we’ll sit down together and laugh with each other about these days.” In my experience, any song that has Jess Glynne in it is going to be a success. Throw in Macklemore, even though we could argue he’s had his 15 minutes, you’ve got yourself a pretty good track. Not to mention any song about nostalgia is going to make you feel good. Glynne’s voice definitely carries the song but the electronic sounds in the background make it appealing to younger audiences. So much so that it landed it’s way onto my playlist.


5. Alone In a Room – Asking Alexandria

I’m going to changing up the tempo and genre with the first track from Asking Alexandria’s newest self-titled album, released back in December. I have to say that I have heard about this English rock band before but never given them a chance because of conflicting musical interests. It’s making its way onto the list because Derek, one of our writers here at Blue Ridge Report, suggested the album and after I gave it a listen I realized I didn’t hate it. According to their Apple Music “About” page, “Asking Alexandria are a band whose career seems to be more about change than anything else.” Personally, I can’t argue with change.


6. First – Cold War Kids

One of the two singles that were released from their 2014 album, Hold My Home, “First” is definitely one of the indie-rock band’s best tracks in their more than a decade run. The unique sound comes from Cold War Kids brings songs like this to another level. Though this isn’t the most recent song in their repertoire, I do believe it is a staple for the band’s sound and just an all around good song.


7.  The Middle – Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

I’ve been obsessed with this song since the music video was released during the Grammys a couple of weeks ago. Zedd brings in his signature sounds and Morris’ vocals, usually tailored for county music, are like the cherry on top for the pop hit. According to Wikipedia, the track will also “serve as the soundtrack to Target’s spring style marketing campaign.”


8. We Don’t Know – The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas, thanks to my brother, has been playing on my iPhone for the past week. This band has very unique sound that, to me, falls somewhere between Rusted Root and Mumford and Sons. The sultry voices make them a huge force in indie music. I would define their sound as one foot in country, one foot in alternative and one head way up in the clouds of roots rock.


9. Cartoons – cupcakke

For those who don’t know who cupcakKe is… how do I say this. She’s unique. Most of her songs are pretty much one overly sexual reference after another. CupcakKe is slowly rising through the ranks with her style of rap which, as mature as the content might be, has hit on some very real and relatable topics such as support for the LGBT+ community, religion, and police brutality to name a few. Cupcakke had a huge year in 2016 as she released her first studio album along with two mixtapes. But her best work comes from her 2018 album, Ephorize, that I have shamelessly had on repeat since it came out.


10. Thumbs – Sabrina Carpenter

You may recognize Sabrina Carpenter from her time on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World that was just a huge disappointment to fans of its predecessor, Boy Meets World. But what is not a disappointment is Carpenter’s singing career that came after. She mixes in traditional pop vocals with a few electronic tones. This was a more mature move from her Disney Channel days as her songs have been known to touch on social commentary from her perspective.

Thanks for listening to this week’s Tunes Tuesday. If you have a song to request you can tweet us @blueridgereport with #TunesTuesday or you can email us at See you next week!

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