“The Browns HAVE to Draft Saqoun Barkley #1”

Yes, I said it. The Cleveland Browns absolutely have to draft Saqoun Barkley number 1. In this upcoming draft which is on Thursday, April 6th, the Browns have two top 5 picks, #1 and #4. Cleveland must pick Barkley as the number 1 overall. Since the expansion franchise that is now the Browns was brought back to Cleveland in 1998, they have had three number 1 overall draft picks and seven top 3 draft picks. They cannot afford to draft a QB at 1. Cleveland’s quarterbacks have been large in quantity but not quality.

Tim Couch, Cleveland Browns

Everything started with Tim Couch in 1999, after he was drafted number one overall. Couch had a short career and arguably played under par to expectations. He is 1 of 10 QBs drafted by the Browns since ’99 but the only one to play in a playoff game, which the Browns lost. So what is my point? Well, Couch’s mediocre play is the best Cleveland has had out of their drafted QBs. Not one of these other guys has had much success if any at all.

The 2018 NFL Draft is supposed to be the return of the QBs. Most mock drafts have five Quarterbacks going earlier in the 1st round. I personally think three stand out above the rest when it comes to the term “pro-style Quarterback”. I am referring to Sam Darnold (USC), Josh Rosen (UCLA), and Josh Allen (Wyoming).  Now for me, the three of these guys are almost dead even talent-wise. So having two of the top four picks makes it a definite that one of those quarterbacks will still be available if Barkley is drafted at number one.

So why Saqoun Barkley?

Well first off he is in the top four in almost everyone’s Mock Draft. Also, I am a fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes, so I’ve seen first hand in the last three years how talented Barkley is. Saqoun has the full package. Vision, patience, hands, power, speed, quickness, and agility. The list goes on and on. For me, he is the most complete player in this draft. He is the most promising player for the Browns. If Blue Ridge Report managed the Browns, we’d take him. So will they take another QB first and risk losing Barkley before their next pick? We will all know soon enough. But in the meantime check out  When Barkley takes back opening kick vs OSU it is painful for opposing teams to watch.

Thanks for reading.


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