It’s okay to be second….


This isn’t going to go the direction you think it’s going to. It’s not a contradiction to the Ricky Bobby’s “if you ain’t first you’re last” mentality. It’s not even close to that actually.

Yes it is okay to be second; sure enough it will happen at multiple moments in your sports career, your job career, the list goes on and on. But we are going to take the concept of being second deeper, deeper in the sense that your life and the lives of those around you will benefit from this affirmation or this possible change to your world views.

Here comes the truth bomb….the world does not revolve around you and you are not as important as you think you are. We have become a society that is all about the me, and nothing about the ones around them. It’s a me first mentality; and it negatively impacts those around us.

Today I issue a challenge; I challenge you to be second. Place others needs before your own and see what happens. Go out of your way to let someone be first. That may be your significant other, your kids, your best friend, or maybe a complete stranger.


The selfishness that exits in all of us is part of human nature, it is not a fault in its simplest form; but it can sure enough get out of hand. I’m not telling you to purposely let up in a fight or in pursuit of your goal; if you think that, then you are missing the point. I’m telling you to take the opportunity to make others feel important. I’m saying achieve your goal or win your race without stepping on others. The trick is balance. You can do both; you can succeed and be second.

The sooner we realize that life is about serving others, the realization of how life affirming the concept is sinks in and shows it’s brilliance. Here’s to getting better everyday!

Shake and bake!


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