Funeral for “The TD Sports Podcast”

February 13th, 2018, we at Blue Ridge Report lost a true friend and icon. The TD Sports Podcast hosted by Dylan Walker and Myself was the first podcast and the reason for the start of BRRThe reason for termination is the creation of a new podcast. This new podcast is called “The Blue Ridge Report Podcast” and you can find the first episode on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, and our website


The Blue Ridge Report Podcast will be hosted by me, your President, and co-hosted by Dylan Walker. We will feature the majority and sometimes all of the Blue Ridge Report team. Sports will still be discussed a lot but most of our episodes will be about the brand. When I say the brand, I mean all things Blue Ridge Report.

So now, back to the details of our upcoming funeral.

A recorded video of a ceremony will be posted this week. Dylan and I will discuss our excitement for the new podcast after going over what we will miss about TD Sports. One or more of the other team members may join in. We are all very sad about this loss but also excited for the future of Blue Ridge Report.


Be sure to tune in to our future episodes and check out The Universally Irrelevant Podcast which is presented by Blue Ridge Report and hosted by two of our own, Zach and Derek.

RIP TD Sports.


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