Off Road Minivan

Finding new music can be difficult from time to time. Thankfully, we have Blue Ridge Report’s, Tunes Tuesday, to help out week to week. The focus today is going to be centered specifically on a newly-formed band from Red Hook, New York called, Off Road Minivan. Fans of rock, metal, and alternative music alike will find the band’s sound intriguing. A nice mix of melodic vocals, guitars, bass, and sometimes, keyboards will leave you wanting more than just the four-song EP.

According to the band’s bio, they were formed out of friendships based on a love for 90s alternative and grunge. Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary, who is the well-known bassist of the metalcore group, Fit For A King, wanted to go a more soft rock route that would allow him and his bandmates to write music that touched on many different genres. The band consists of five members including: O’Leary (vocals/bass), Melvin Brinson (guitar), Dave Trimboli (guitar/keyboard), Miles Sweeney (guitar/keyboard), Evan Garcia Renart (drums). Record label, Tooth & Nail, signed the band recently and they almost immediately began to write and produce new music. They released a single titled, “Spiral Gaze,” the first week of February and, like many others, I became instantly hooked on their sound. A few weeks later their first four-song EP under the title, “Spiral Gaze,” dropped and was well-received.

Spiral Gaze is only an EP, but the four songs that are given to us are beyond exceptional. It begins with the title track, “Spiral Gaze,” which is a tune that hints at both new wave alternative and early 2000s rock. It also includes a smooth melodic intro that is then mixed with a heavier chorus, which in turn makes for a solid listen. The second song is titled, “Light up the Room.” This song brings much of the same elements that we were given in the opening track, but this time we get more of a 90s grunge sound. The middle of the song starts to become heavier and you are ultimately left with the perfect mixture of alternative rock and soft metal.

By the time the third song arrives, you have already heard two well-crafted songs. You’ll begin to wonder if it can get any better. So let me be the first to tell you, it does. The third track is titled, “Glow,” and personally, it is the best song on the EP. The song begins with a small portion of the chorus and then hits a strong opening riff. As it settles in, you begin to notice the range of O’Leary’s vocals and also the well-written lyrics. The end of the track feels quite emotional and is brought with a nice fade out. The fourth and final track is titled, “17 Years.” Most likely the most percussion-driven song on the album, “17 Years” offers a sound that all rock/metal fans will enjoy!

Off Road Minivan – “Spiral Gaze” (2018)


Check out Off Road Minivan in the official music video for “Spiral Gaze” on YouTube here:


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