The Greatest Damn Cooking Show in the Universe…

So, let me say this. There’s nothing Fake about the above title to this blog. Yes, it’s a bold statement to make, seeing that the cooking show I speak of is, in fact, one of our very own creation. Blue Ridge Report is in the planning stages of bringing to the public (That’s you, you beautiful, lucky reader, you) the mother of all cooking shows. Or rather, the forgotten, illegitimate, twice removed cousin of actual good cooking shows. Hell, our show isn’t even related by marriage to real cooking programs, but it WILL be amazing. We here at BRR have pondered over this plan for all of like, 20 minutes total and we are certain that this will be THE NEXT BIG THING.

Fake News Nate and RomanoSpeaks, During Their Years in Cooking School Back in 1987

I guarantee that this will be a unique and unforgettable experience for all who tune in and, even more so for those who are taste testing our cuisine. Cuisine. I use that word loosely here. Keep in mind, I consider myself a good cook. Usually. And from what I’ve heard, my culinary co-host, Jonathan “RomanoSpeaks” Romano, is an amazing chef as well. But why should we do something that’s been done a million times over? Let’s spice it up

Fake News Nates’ World Famous Choco-Burger

So stay tuned gang. In the days to follow, we will be preparing the greatest cooking show on Earth. Hell, we may even call it that. I don’t know yet. In the meantime though, here’s a picture of a tasty treasure submitted by one of our readers. I call it “crispy feather delight”. But seriously, who could hate on food that comes with its own toothpicks?

Feather Crisp …Just Like Grandma Used to Make

With that being said, I encourage all of you out there to send in any strange food pictures that you may like to see featured here. I’m sure I’ll find something favorable to say about it. Maybe. Lets get some interaction with the audience here, guys! Could be fun…

Until the next post, this is Fake Foods Nate, signing off. Be prepared, my friends..Its gonna get delicious up in here…

fakenatefinal copy

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