Tunes Tuesday (3/20/2018)

Welcome to yet another week of Tunes Tuesday, a weekly post of my favorite songs at the moment as I update and delete my playlists. The goal of Tunes Tuesday is to bring a range of music to an even bigger range of people and for everyone to find something new that tickles their fancy. We here at Blue Ridge Report are always looking for new music and would love your suggestions, so don’t be shy in the comments.


1. Antique Gucci – Cryptex

A new combination of electronic sounds and rap style lyrics, Cryptex is definitely not something we have heard before. I first heard this song while trolling YouTube at the wee hours of the morning and seeing a phenomenon known as the “Karma Is A Bitch” Challenge. With this track as the backdrop and a line spoken from the hit television show, Riverdale, participants will lip-sync the sentence and then reveal another version of themselves. This is sort of a play on the “Don’t Judge Me” Challenge that hit the internet a couple of years ago.

2. Crazy – From Ashes To New

It’s clear that this band has a similar yet more poppy sound than Linkin Park but I still dig it. This kind of rock music is always on the outskirts of my playlists but they sometimes gain a way to the forefront when I need a touch of angst.


3. Creature Comfort – Arcade Fire

Keeping with rock genre but swaying a little to the techno side, Arcade Fire gave us this track from their Everything Now album, released in July of last year. Requested by BRR’s very own Derek Richards, this is first I’ve ever heard of the band despite their almost two-decade run in the music business. But, better late than never, they say.


4. Indica Badu – Logic ft. Wiz Khalifa

Logic is back again with a new album called Bobby Tarantino II, released just under two weeks ago and catapulting off the success of his last album, Everybody, which spawned the hit 1-800-273-8255. This album is incredibly self-aware of Logic’s place in music with his stance on “Peace, Love, and Positivity,” the opening track being a dialogue of the familiar voices from the show Rich & Morty, as they debate which Logic is better, Mixtape Logic or Album Logic.


5. Heaven in Hiding – Halsey

Once again, Halsey makes the playlist because I’m obsessed. OBSESSED. I’m not saying it’s healthy but it’s just where I’m at in life so there isn’t much else that can be done. The way Halsey sings and portrays relationships is unlike anyone else. She brings a little sultry with a little bit of quick wit to a song that really makes it feel youthful and new.


6. Bubblegum Bitch – Marina and the  Diamonds

From Marina Diamandis’ iconic 2012 album about American culture, apparently, the song is inspired by Britney Spears. One theme that inspired this track, as well as the whole album, was pageantry that is so popular among American women that aren’t necessarily seen over in Diamandis’ native UK.


7. Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band

A band from right here in Virginia, Dave Matthews Band has been one of my favorite musical acts since I found out who they were. Their folk mixed with rock sound definitely has it’s own kind of flair and allows it to stand out from the rest. Dave Matthews has been making music for some time now and has even dipped into the acting pool. Any Dave Matthews song gets a like from me. While this is one of their older tracks, released on Busted Stuff in 2002, their last album was released back in 2012.


8. Rocky Mountain High – John Denver

John Denver is one of the greats of country music. While most people’s knowledge of him stops after “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” he has a huge discography of great songs including “Annie’s Song,” “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” and “Calypso.” But this one is a personal favorite of mine, so I made it this week’s throwback track which is the title track to Denver 1972 album.


9. In The End – Linkin Park

In honor of late Chester Bennington’s birthday today, I wanted to end this playlist with a tribute to Linkin Park, a band that made it years putting out music on pure talent. With a discography that spanned over 20 years, we saw an evolution of their music and sound unlike any band out there today. Last year, lead vocalist Chester Bennington committed suicide on July 20 and would have been 42.


Thanks for listening this week, guys. I’ll be back next week with all new music. See you then!


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