Tunes Tuesday (3/27/2018)

It’s the last playlist for March and I’ve got a solid lineup for you all today. With spring on its way (hopefully), I have mostly new music for you and one throwback that we will all have to stop and listen to. Welcome, once again, to Tunes Tuesday. Enjoy the playlist!

1. Flawless – Dorothy

I just found out about Dorothy the other day and I think I’ll keep this band around (named for the lead vocalist, Dorothy Martin). She has a classic rock voice and some contemporary sounds and beats. She has the aura of a badass chick that you don’t want to mess with but at the same time, you want to spend all of your time with her. Her music feels like a jam session between friends all huddled around their instruments late at night with the curtains drawn. This song was released as a single to her newest album, 28 Days In The Valley (which was released a few days ago on March 16).

2. Ice Station Zebra – Jack White

Jack White has definitely proven to us that he’s the black sheep of popular music over the past several years. But what’s interesting about this track is that he’s done something on this track that he hasn’t really touched on in the past… he raps. The combination of sounds works well as we hear his familiar voice. Upbeat electronic beats and singing along with some jazz like piano bars, White gives us something new and, in my opinion, fresh. I mean, with a track title like “Ice Station Zebra” you pretty much have to listen to it at least once.

3. Flames – David Guetta & Sia

If there were an official spokesperson for songs that inspire us to just keep moving day to day, that person would for sure be Sia. She has proven time and time again that she has one of the greatest voices out there right now but with this track she has taken a step back from those belted high notes and focused more on the message and melody to the song. With David Guetta, whose music has been some of the most popular during the 2000s, the two have created positive vibes with this track. This is not the first time the two frequently team up. They are also responsible for a personal favorite of mine called “She Wolf” from Guetta’s Nothing But the Beat 2.0 album, released in 2011.

4. In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

As Adam Rippon said during his interview with Ellen, “I’ve been sleeping on Shawn Mendes.” I agree completely, in terms of music. Since Mendes has hit it big, I couldn’t deny that he had a great voice but his songs were a bit iffy for me, until I heard “In My Blood.” The song has passionate lyrics and I think we are entering a new Mendes era if there is such a thing. So I, knowing I was not a fan before, will welcome this time with open arms. Mendes came around with a small group of young artists (including Charlie Puth and Camilla Cabello), this track along with another new song called “Lost in Japan” have gained some mentum since being released a few days ago.

5. Queen’s Don’t – RaeLynn

Of course, I believe that country stars come and go fast than any other genre but I think RaeLynn will be a force that remains with us for a long time to come. Her lyrics are very progressive in terms of misogyny and her “don’t need no man” attitude. She has the classic country voice that takes us straight to our front porches and puts a cold glass of iced tea in our hand. Sweet tea, duh. I could talk about how good RaeLynn’s voice is all day but I have to say that I genuinely like the song. It’s just under that level of too upbeat to let us know that she means what she’s actually saying.

6. Stay in the Dark – The Band Perry

The Band Perry rose to fame with their famous song, “If I Die Young.” They kind of fell off the radar and haven’t been able to match that success with any of their other songs. That streak has ended with this song. Its a fresh pop sound with the familiar voice of lead vocalist Kimberly Perry and excellent instrumentals from her brothers Neil and Reid. I do think the sibling led band has some real talent in performance and songwriting and I just hope they can keep a momentum going. This is one of the few country acts I would hate to see go.

7. Everyday – Logic & Marshmello

Yes, I know I had Logic on last week as well but the album is too damn good. It’s fast paced and is, at its core, what Logic is all about. This album is worlds away from his last venture with Everybody. Bobby Tarantino II is the side of him we wanted to see again and it’s only a plus that he teamed up with one of the best producers out there. Marshmello brings a life to the song that wouldn’t be there otherwise. The song brings in two topics that I think define Logic well, working hard but also living life the way you should. Does one negate the other? I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

8. Alien – Sabrina Carpenter & Jonas Blue

I said it once and I’ll say it again. Sabrina Carpenter is one of the best acts out there right now. She is the newest Disney star turned pop sensation and I’m here for it. I’m just here waiting for her next album. But for now, “Alien” is what we have to work with. The song is at its foundation, the definition of pop music and Jonas Blue adds beats in that give the song some flair as it partners with Carpenter’s smooth voice. While there are a couple of lyric videos on YouTube, Carpenter has said on her Twitter account that there is an official music video coming soon.

9. Hello Bitches – CL

Let me welcome you all to the world of K-Pop, and before you click the close button at the top of your screen, just give this song a chance. You may not be able to understand exactly what they’re saying but you can’t deny that this song goes hard. I’ll admit that sometimes I give in to my guilty pleasure and go through the K-Pop playlists and I’m not ashamed of it. K-Pop has been growing in popularity here in the states and with songs like this one, I can see why. This genre of music has a history of being incredibly upbeat and with a touch of American culture behind the lyrics and music, there’s sure to be a good future for K-Pop groups in the United States. CL is lead vocalist for the girl group 2NE1.

10. White Flag – Dido

Dido has been in the hearts of our sad rainy day playlists for years. That’s why they are responsible for our Throwback Tune this week. White Flag is definitely a classic love song of the early 2000s. This is from the 2003 album Life for Rent and was the lead single. It has a touch of that 90s sad and sultry alternative that we have all come to know and love and would use to describe a relationship you just weren’t sure about. “White Flag” is a pretty self-explanatory title. The protagonist of the song is in love with someone even though the relationship has not gone the best but continues to follow her heart.

There you have it. One more playlist for the books! Be sure to check back next week for another list of ten new songs and don’t forget that you can send requests to the Blue Ridge Report twitter page with #TunesTuesday. See you next week.

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