Exploring The Great Outdoors Of Southwest Virginia In Early Spring: 15 Inches of Snow Edition

Hello gang. As many of you know, on Friday, March 23rd, Mother Nature went berserk and we in the Blue Ridge region got to experience all of Winter in a single 24 hour span. What a crock of $#!* that was…No electricity for days, trapped at your house, food going bad, no fan to sleep by…well, that was my story at least…some of you lucky @sses had generators, but it was still an ordeal, the likes of which many of us had not experienced in quite some time. I knew things were going to crap around 11 AM that day. The plan was to take my Mom out for her birthday dinner, but 10 minutes into our delicious Denny’s cuisine, I noticed through the window, that the sky appeared to be dumping ALL of its contents on everything outside. We choked down our food and high tailed it home…and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the weekend. Yay. Happy Birthday Ma…

Feeling 15″ of Spring


However, my boredom and loss of electricity lead me to do something I haven’t done in many years. Walk outside. Like I used to, before I was enveloped into the technological trap of todays world. Mother nature…She called to me…And promptly sent me off into oblivion, lost and wondering amidst the snow and wilderness, feeling frost bite, hypothermia, and delirium. These are the joys of Nature in the early days of Spring. I hope you enjoy my expertly documented and highly edited adventure, conveniently posted below. Springtime outdoor fun, Fake News Nate style…

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