Record Store Day 2018 is Coming Up. Here’s Some Info on this Awesome Day of Musical Celebration .

On what we hope to be a bright and comfortable 21st day of April, a grand yearly event will be taking place. A thing that many people are unaware of. Luckily for you guys, I’m here to enlighten. It’s not a huge national holiday, but to those who hold music and its importance near and dear, it’s a pretty big deal. It is, of course Record Store Day, if you hadn’t figured it out by the title of this post, and it’s always a great time for collectors of exclusive music and music related merchandise. This is the day when special limited edition vinyl and mixes are available. A day when big stars of all  genres create special promotional items and albums with the intent to promote and preserve one of our greatest cultural icons. The Record Store.From what I’ve learned by visiting the actual web page (and trying very hard not to plagiarize its contents) Record Store Day was an idea brought into the world in 2007 during a gathering of independent record store owners who were looking for a way to celebrate music and to preserve the importance of its first real habitat. The record store. The place where we used to get all of our music. Some of you don’t remember those days, but I sure do. I found my first “Dead Kennedy’s” tape in the used section of our very own local indy record store, Cheap Thrills Records, in Princeton West Virginia. As I write this, it occurs to me that there is a very real possibility that some of you reading this have never actually held a cassette tape before. Terrifying. Also, let me say that even though physical “brick and mortar” stores for music and other media seem to be struggling, our own little brand of awesome there in Princeton (and in Beckley) continues to thrive to this day. Way to kick some @ss and stay relevant, guys.

A Photo I Snapped A Few Months Ago…I Fully Support This Statement

Now then, on to some fun facts about Record Store day. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, 2008. And on that fateful day, it was classic metalheads, Metallica, who spearheaded an event at Rasputin Music in San Francisco. They spent hours promoting, hanging out, and meeting their fans, all in the effort to bring the importance of this new day to light. Because of this event and it’s success, each year now, hundreds of artists, from world famous to local weekend warriors, appear at record stores around the world to perform, sign for fans, do meet and greets, photo ops and any thing else they can do to make the event a memorable experience for all lovers of music.

Well now, this is rather long winded for me today…I must say, if you’re sticking around through this, then I applaud you. You must be a true fan of music and its appreciation, and I, in turn, appreciate you for it. Now for more fun facts. Record store day is currently celebrated on every continent (and maybe every planet, too) EXCEPT Antarctica. I gotta ask..just why?? What’s your deal Antarctica? I guess we’ll just cross that place off my possible destinations for music endeavors…geez. But seriously, no hate for the peeps out there. Just get with the program, guys.

Ok my friends, time to wrap it up for this post. I don’t wanna rant too much on Antarctica and lose track of my original goals here…If you guys want additional information or history on todays topic, then I urge you to click your way over to for all the official details. You can see which artists are releasing what, learn  more interesting facts, and also find a list of participating stores near you through their handy search options.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Just A Little More Info For You Guys. A New Ambassador And Official Film Are Appointed Every Year

Thanks for sticking around friends. Hope you found this interesting and that it inspires you to head out to your local record store and support the music, be it local or international. Until next time, keep rockin’. Be sure to like and share and subscribe, gang.


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