Micro-Violence In Beckley, West Virginia!

Ya know, normally on a Thursday evening, I’d prefer to relax after coming home from a long day at work. Sit down to a hardy and healthy fast food burger. Vegetate on the couch in a greasy food-induced coma. Maybe fire up the old SNES system for some old school gaming. But on the night of April 19th, 2018, I made a conscious decision to get off my arse and get out to an event. An event like none other, like nothing I personally have ever attended in my life. Yes ladies and gentlemen, one could call this a bucket list worthy event. I’m talking about some mirco violence. Minuscule mayhem. Midget on midget chaos. All taking place under the roof of Muncheez Bar and Grill in Beckley West Virginia, one of my favorite venues in the area. This place is always hosting great and unique events and shows (thank you Brian Reznor) and I’ll admit I have been slacking on the “support local stuff” quests as of late. So, as I stated, I decided it was high time to roll to Beckley. And throw my car out of alignment on the terrible interstate going there…and pay the ridiculous tolls, both to and from, which are supposed to fix said sh!t tier roads…But that’s not the point here. Could be the subject of a future rant though…stay tuned folks.

Upon walking in and meeting up with some of my friends, the first thing I noticed was the ring, perfectly planted in the center of the place, majestic and proud, ready to receive the sweat, energy and brutal abuse that it’s athletes provide night after night. Turns out this a travelling show, doing events all over the States. These little guys have even graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Magazine. I encourage you to head over to their website, http://www.microwrestling.com, for more details that I am currently too lazy to supply. I’m not here to bore you with information, I’m here to entertain you with action…

Mere moments before the chaos began…

It didn’t take long for the place to fill up and parking became super tight outside. Fantastic turn out for a late Thursday night. Inside, mingling amongst and weaving in and out of  the people were the stars of the night.  Seven tiny dudes, and one tiny dudette, all ready to put on a spectacular event. Ready to bring us their special brand of “Micro Violence” as their merchandise so proudly stated. Let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. There was the introduction to our stars, the typical bad guy rants, insulting the hometown and even some of the audience, and the good guys rallying the audience as they took out the heels with high flying top rope finishes. There was even fighting outside the ring and use of weapons like ladders, trash cans and clip boards! These guys gave it their all. Here’s a little vid I put together for you guys,  highlighting the night. There was a main event with ALL the wrestlers in a massive brawl, but I didn’t include any of it in my video. Why, you ask? Because, you need to go to the show to see that yourself. Can’t give you everything guys…Do as I did. Get off your bottom and go!


I definitely suggest you take the time to check this show out if it ever comes near you. You wont regret it. Great fun and great performers. I even got to steal the belt for a photo op. I tried to escape with it, but was faced with 7 angry little dudes…so that was a no go. I’ve seen what they can do. Not worth a week in the hospital…

Chilling the baddest little dudes in town

Thanks for reading about my experience gang. Stay tuned for more action. Music events, conventions and much more, if I can just keep my damn computer working…Perhaps I should create a donation page to buy Fake News Nate a good computer…

See ya next time, friends!

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