Music in the Mountains, Part 1: Rocking Out in Rural Retreat, Virginia


Hello gang, Its Fake News Nate here. Lately, however, I’ve been rather truthful. The name may have to change… especially if that Zuckerburg fellow doesn’t stop his war against me… So today I’ve decided to do something different. Since I have been slacking, I have ended up with several things to write about but haven’t finished a single one. I know, its terrible. That being said, there have been a lot of musical events lately in our wonderful area and I have been attending as many as I can. Some I’ve had to miss here and there, which makes me sad, but hey. I’m only ONE DUDE…get off my arse… As for the ones that I have been lucky enough to get to, I’ve decided to present to you some articles about them, all in a wonderfully compact,  multi-part manner. Let’s delve into my first of three shall we? Here is part one of the saga, Music in the Mountains… Rocking out in Rural Retreat.

When one thinks of a community called “Rural Retreat”, they tend to picture the typical quiet country settings. Being a small area of Virginia, one could conjure up plenty of cozy images… Old decommissioned railroad tracks, lemonade stands, or maybe the kids playing in the local stream catching frogs or “crawdads”. Walking out and breathing some country air, sitting on the neighbors porch conversing, whilst watching the night slowly roll in.

Nah. That’s not what this post is about. None of that. Not on the night of April 28th, 2018. This was a night meant to rock. Around 6:30 on that mildly chilly afternoon, the parking lot at the local community center began filling up and from out of the woodwork came the masses of metal. Believe it or not friends, there was and still is a rock/metal scene here in our little southern country area. Loyal guys and gals who love to throw down and get loud. Head banging, mosh pitting, howlin’ good fun. Welcome to “Rock Retreat 2018”


Well … welcome to my little report about it, rather. I had to make that part sound super epic, ya know… Speaking of super epic, the line up at this years show did not disappoint. Every band was on point and gave the audience what they were looking for. But one thing was common throughout the night. Unity of the scene and the love for the art of music. It was more than a concert. It was a place for old friends to gather once more. For new bands to get their first show in. For new fans to learn the joys of getting out there, cutting loose, and just having fun. To remind us of what we used to do before we allowed our phones to be glued to our faces.

A more accurate representation of what the sign outside should have read…


There were six bands on the roster that night, all intent on rocking our faces. The night was filled with music from Push the Attack, Still Adrift, Fletcher’s New Toy, Endless Season, Push Button Apocalypse, and Inferior Design, who were also releasing their debut cd the event. I was informed by the band that the cd would …well…I probably shouldn’t repeat the “colorful words” used to convey the potency of this album, but needless to say, they were not wrong. The cd delivers, hard. Kudos to Adam and the guy’s for a solid Metal masterwork.

“Huff” Informing me about what the new “Inferior Design” cd will do to and for its listeners…


While this was a release show for Inferior Design, for the opening band, Push the Attack, it was their first show ever. I myself wouldn’t have been able to tell you that they were a new act. Solid music, solid show. Good things in the future, guys.

In fact every band was great. I can’t sit here and say that there was a dull moment. Every one killed it. I even got to shout a bit when Endless Season’s front-gal, (that’s a new term I created. I think.) Mindy, pointed the mic my way for a chorus sing along to an old classic from local metal legends, The Junn Horde.

The fans were energetic and supportive to every band. This is a scene that needs to thrive again. I’m proud to know these people and to be a part of the musically rich history that was present in that little community center. It felt great to get out, jump around, and sing along. Made my old bones feel a little more alive again. I myself had played that stage more than a few times and seeing everyone up there, many of which were people I’ve shared stages with before, made me miss it tremendously. That being said, I may have to work on ways to get back into the music myself. We shall see.

So heavy, loud, @ss busting music is alive and well, even in quiet little Rural Retreat, Virginia. Everyone can relax now though. Back to the daily enjoyment of cozy country life. For Now…3

So that’s the end of Part One. Rural Retreat got me back in the mood to hear the tunes. Luckily , through the opportunities presented to me by writing for Blue Ridge Report, I have been given more chances to get up close and personal with some bigger musical events and gatherings. So in my next post we shall talk about another musical event I got to partake in.  Wytheville, Virginia’s “Brews and Bands” event. Stay tuned my friends.

Editors note..I will be adding more pics and content to this post, so check back. I’m just trying to get it all out there as soon as possible. You know me…I’m a slack @ss

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