Music In The Mountains, Part 3: Chilling On The Mountain

Well gang, I figure its about time I finally gave you part 3 of my “musical adventure saga” called Music in the Mountains. I’ve been slacking alot lately. Now before you go riding my case and jumping all over my slackiness, you must first realize that it’s not quite my fault…My terrible internet was down for 2 weeks…yes, it took the “internet company” TWO WEEKS to schedule an appointment, and plus my laptop had gone berserk.

Well I’m back, baby. Now, its time to roll up the mountain in Minden, West Virginia, to hang with some hippies and chill under the cool night sky at ACE Adventure Resort as we enjoy smooth grooves and pure moods in the final entry to my series, music in the mountains. Chilling on the Mountain.

So, Mountain Music Festival. Man oh man. I had no idea that this event was as huge as it was. It seems like this is a well kept secret…or at least they were trying to keep ME out, because I had never even heard of this festival. Well sorry guys, but Fake (or Real) News Nate is now fully aware of you, and I intend to return.

From the moment I and Travis (Prez) arrived, we were treated spectacularly, handed our passes and greeted with friendly smiles. The atmosphere was fantastic. A water park, several bars, hiking, camping, multiple music stages… So much here to do. After checking out a band on the “water stage” we decided to figure out how to get to the next area of the event. To get to the main stage we soon learned that one would have to take a bus on a terrifyingly fun ride up the mountain…So over the forest and thru the woods to the main stage we went.

There were several buses that ran all night long , up and down the mountain, carrying all the patrons to and fro. After a very bumpy and colorful 10 minute drive, we arrived at the top. Here, we found the very heart of the event. Main stage, vendors, artist tents and food/ booze stands. This is where it was all going down. The stage rivaled that of any huge mainstream music concert and the sound was spot on, mixed perfectly. The night came on fast and we found ourselves flexing our media pass superpowers to hang out behind the scenes with the bands, taking photo ops and getting good shots of the action.

Chilling Behind The Stage

We stayed until around 1:30 AM that Friday night but sadly missed out on the music at the “Strange stage”. Just the name alone makes me really wish I had stayed around. Travis returned the next day with more help and got more footage and enjoyed even more live music, while I covered the Brews and Bands event in Wytheville, Virginia. All in all it was a great weekend and gave me a new appreciation for different musical events. I myself am so used to metal and punk shows, that this was a welcome change of pace. Don’t get me wrong though…I’m still a rocker, through and through but maybe just a little bit more hippie than before…


Well, that sums up my saga, guys. Took me long enough…geez. Thanks for waiting for my slow @ss to finish my trilogy. I hope you found it interesting enough to encourage you to hop off the couch and catch one of the fine events that happen all around us here in the musical mountains of the Blue Ridge, and beyond. Stay tuned folks. More fun to come in the future. Working on a little video to share with you guys here, so check back soon. Enjoy! Fake(real)News Nate signing out for now…Man…Fake, Real. Who am I? I feel like I may have two personalities now…Ever see the movie, Split? Yikes…

realnews nate.jpg


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