If You Don’t Know Who “Salem Tusk” Is, It’s Time To Be Schooled

Hello friends, it is I, “Real” News Nate, interrupting my usual same ol’ same ol’ banter with breaking news! So… I got a question… Do you guys like action? Adventure? Super heroes? Of course you do! You most likely would not read my content if you weren’t just a little nerdy. I assure you, you will wanna stick around for this inside news about an up coming show that will be sure to please all of us comic lovers. The show I’m speaking of is called “The Steam Punk Adventures of Salem Tusk”, created by one of the most talented comic artists I have had the pleasure of adding into my army of Facebook friends, Mr. Tom Rasch. So lets sit back, kick off the shoes, and dive into my sneak peek of this awesome project, currently in development as we speak…

Many moons ago, when I was but a Facebook newbie, and LONG before my epic “Name Smearing” war with that Zuckerburg guy (I’ll make up that story later), I was but a lowly little rocker/nerd looking for cool artists and musicians to add to my book of faces. It didn’t take long before I came across some stunning  truly bad@ss art, by a dude named Tom Rasch. After scrolling through a few pics, I knew I had to add this cat. Tom is a Grade-A fella. Super nice and super talented. I’ve followed his work for years now and it never ceases to amaze. Now, you guys know my penchant for being lazy and not providing links…I can’t hold your hands, kids. So I highly suggest you do your research here. Tom has created several of his own characters and comic books, he’s illustrated for MARVEL, (yes, the Marvel) he’s had his first major comic, “Black Alpha” published in USA Today, and even had some of his comic designs featured in the background on several episodes of the hit show ‘The Big Bang Theory”.big bangbigbang2

Man…Tom…I’m jealous, dude. But I’m also proud of ya. I’ve seen all the hurdles, the ups, and the downs you’ve pushed through in these past years. My hat’s off to ya brother. But I digress. I tend to ramble. So if you’re still with me, dear patient reader, I thank you. Ok, back to the show…When I first caught wind of this knowledge through the wonders of the Facebook news feed, I knew right then and there I would have to do a write up. I mean come on…we got action and adventure and steam punk.  Wait..some of you may actually be saying..What is that? Well, I know. But for you, how about I just Google it. So I literally typed in “What is Steampunk?” And here’s what I got from Google:whataresteempunkIt’s not wrong. But there is alot more to the genre and style. You have to experience it and see it to really “get it”. But enough about that. I gotta continue my post. It’s getting long and I’m far too scatterbrained to stay this linear.

Ok, lets run down what we’ve covered…so we know Tom; An amazing artist with great original comics, and he’s getting his character “Salem Tusk” developed into a show. Now we gotta meet the mountainous man who will be taking the mantle of our stellar steampunk hero.( If you think that was corny, be glad you don’t know me in real life, reader) Enter, our hero, Mr. Bishop Stevens. This guy…THIS GUY…let me tell ya. I looked him up when I got the info, and he has been every frikkin where. He was a professional wrestler, trained by Harley Race and signed into the WCW , he has been in multiple movies and TV shows and is also a motivational speaker and fitness enthusiast. I was able to contact him(Facebook again) and speak briefly about the upcoming show and such. From the little conversation we’ve had, Mr. Stevens seems like a super chill, legit fella, plus he was cool with me writing about all of this stuff. I was hoping he didn’t see my name on here and fear the worst (The name Fake News Nate could possibly create a bit of worry) Keep your eyes out for Bishop. He is on the rise, folks.

So now, we know the artist, and we know the actor. But what do we actually know about the character? Well…I know he is Salem Tusk, and that there are alot of original concepts here, the likes of which the world hasn’t really experienced. Well, that sounded terribly generic. Fine then. I’ll just quote you what I read on the official Facebook page( just search “The Steam Punk Adventures of Salem Tusk” my dudes and dudettes) “Stevens describes Tusk as a cross between Doc Strange and Indiana Jones. He leads a multicultural team of covert operatives who, in the words of Tom, battle megalomaniacal mad men, steam powered robots, voodoo kings, Arabian sorcerers and time traveling dinosaurs…”


Well…I am sold. Like “Shut up and Take my Money!” sold… That really was all I needed to hear, folks. I personally can’t wait to scope this out when it comes into full fruition. Its all under development now and if all goes as planned, the world will soon have a new hero to follow, with wild new adventures to enjoy. Now, assignment time. I ask that all of you please go forth online, look up and support these guys in all that they do. This is a labor of love and a product of hard work and determination. I guarantee they will appreciate you and your support. Tell em Fake..er..REAL News Nate sent ya. And that he didn’t make up any B.S…This time…

realnews nate

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