Prepare For The End…A New Haunted Attraction Debuts In Southwest Virginia

Hello gang and welcome back. “Real” News Nate here, with a opening statement made to shock and terrify…The end is near! Well, it is, if you live near Wytheville Virginia during the Fall season, at least. By “The End”, I refer to the Apocalyptic end times horror setting brought to us by Helheim, a new haunt attraction set to open up this Fall. Like, now actually. So what are you waiting for? Go! Get on out the door and get the sh!t scared outta you. Well. If you’re still here then I guess you may wanna read a bit of what I’ve written about said haunted attraction…So a few months back, I ventured out towards Fort Chiswell to see an old friend and to check out his newest endeavor. I’ve known Carter Pennington for probably twenty years. We go back to around 1998. To the days of playing Dungeons and Dragons with his brother in the “Drunken Serpent Tavern” as it was called. It was then that I learned that this fella was in a billion bands and we became friends, eventually sharing the stage at various shows for years to come. But that’s veering off topic. You know me…it’s hard to stay on point when you’re as round as me. So anyway, I roll in to the old “Galewinds” mini golf/go-cart park on Chapman Road in Wytheville and i’m greeted by a sign warning me of whats to come…

The Warning to All…The End is Near



Real quick like, let’s define “Haunted Attraction” (The Haunt). For those of you who may think it means actually haunted, No. This is generally a name for a place that is set up during the spooky months to scare the pants of people, with trained actors portraying the very scary things that crawl out of nightmares…Whether or not the place is actually haunted…well…ya never know…There’s your basic definition, now onward.

Upon driving up the time worn road, I saw the broken remnants of old memories. No… not Carter (oops)…I’m speaking of the grounds around the old park. What was once a place for smiles, fun and games is now fallen to the ruin of time and abandonment. Now the memories of happy people and playing children will be muffled and violently snuffed out by the piercing screams of terror and the sanity splitting howls of the maniacs who wander in the burned and bloodied halls of Helheim…

Man that was intense. But no where near as intense as the events and scenarios that the unsuspecting public will be thrust into upon paying their way and receiving their tokens to enter this world of nightmares. Yes, literally. A token. You get hand made wooden “coins” that allow passage in, and are yours to keep to show you survived. How bad@ss is that? Exactly.

Tokens to Terror
Tokens to Terror

I walked through the facility with Carter and he gave me a brief run down of what was being developed. Shortly after, we were joined by Mr. Jock Songer, who is a co-founder and together with Carter, brings almost 20 years of combined “Haunt Experience” into the mix. If there is a haunt located within a 50 mile radius of Wytheville, you can guarantee one or both of these fellas have had their latex coated, blood-dripping hands in it at one point or another. Also, the crew they bring along are no slouches. These dedicated guys and gals have been working non-stop to get this beast off the ground. Many of these people are familiar faces to the haunt scene as well. There is so much experience and talent here and the dedication to realism and detail is unmatched.

So Carter, Jock and I did another walk through, feeding me more details and giving me a chance to do some filming as well. I will compile and edit this footage later for you to enjoy. Currently I’m technologically challenged, so all you get is this rambling pile of words before you. Oh Boy… Nah. You love it.

Terrible Twosome
Such a cozy picture…

I returned to do a second walk through a few weeks ago and was given a newer more extensive tour by Mr. Raymond Caviness, another longtime haunt all-star. The evolution of what I saw on my first visit, compared to it’s current state, was amazing. This thing will be both epic and unique, I assure you. There are things strewn about this place that will inspire alot of upset stomachs and unsettling feelings. After all, the flier very blatantly says, “Not intended for anyone under the age of 18”. Right there, in your face. No kids, folks. Don’t get me wrong. A parent can bring their kid, but they better not leave em alone. Helheim can’t responsible for anyone who is swallowed up by the apocalyptic abyss awaiting inside…Man its always such fun writing scary spooky villain stuff…

This is how I type up recipes, too. Exactly. How.

Pretty sure the rest of this post will be me flooding it with pictures, but lets be honest. A picture is worth a thousand words. Before I pile em on though, I will close with this. These guys have sacrificed alot of time, sweat, and money to bring quality entertainment to our little area. It’s scary, it’s fun, and it’s done for the love of all things spooky and for all of you out there. So like I said earlier, go on. Get out there. Get your token. Maybe even make a necklace out of it after you get out. If you make it out…

Helheim ( is open for the public to cautiously tread into on Fridays and Saturdays, from September 28th through October 27th, and of course on Halloween night. Tickets go on sale at 7 PM until 10:30 PM. Thanks to all the fiends involved and thanks to Carter, Jock, and Raymond for the walk throughs and information, and for being generally cool cats. Seize ya soon…

Now, let the Slide show begin!

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