Prepare For The End…A New Haunted Attraction Debuts In Southwest Virginia

Hello gang and welcome back. “Real” News Nate here, with a opening statement made to shock and terrify…The end is near! Well, it is, if you live near Wytheville Virginia during the Fall season, at least. By “The End”, I refer to the Apocalyptic end times horror setting brought to us by Helheim, a new haunt attraction set to open up this Fall. Like, now actually. So what are you waiting for? Go! Get on out the door and get the sh!t scared outta you. Well. If you’re still here then I guess you may wanna read a bit of what I’ve written about said haunted attraction… Continue reading “Prepare For The End…A New Haunted Attraction Debuts In Southwest Virginia”

Music in the Mountains Part 2 : Brews and Bands

Well hello there and welcome back to the ongoing, epic three part series, Music in the Mountains…Last week I gave you guys an idea of just how metal the local music here can be. Just to recap, It was Rock Retreat, 2018. Heavy metal, small Southwest VA community, good times.

Today we switch gears a bit to talk about a more “area inclusive” event held in Wytheville, Virginia at cozy Withers Park. I say area inclusive only because heavier music tends to draw its own crowd. An event like “Brews and Bands”, a part of Wytheville’s yearly Chautauqua event schedule,( if you don’t know what Chautauqua means, look it up. I had to back in the day. I’m not ashamed ) tends to draw a very diverse crowd. Good music, good people and of course good brews! Time for part 2 of Music in the Mountains. Brews and Bands… Continue reading “Music in the Mountains Part 2 : Brews and Bands”

Music in the Mountains, Part 1: Rocking Out in Rural Retreat, Virginia


Hello gang, Its Fake News Nate here. Lately, however, I’ve been rather truthful. The name may have to change… especially if that Zuckerburg fellow doesn’t stop his war against me… So today I’ve decided to do something different. Since I have been slacking, I have ended up with several things to write about but haven’t finished a single one. I know, its terrible. That being said, there have been a lot of musical events lately in our wonderful area and I have been attending as many as I can. Some I’ve had to miss here and there, which makes me sad, but hey. I’m only ONE DUDE…get off my arse… As for the ones that I have been lucky enough to get to, I’ve decided to present to you some articles about them, all in a wonderfully compact,  multi-part manner. Let’s delve into my first of three shall we? Here is part one of the saga, Music in the Mountains… Rocking out in Rural Retreat. Continue reading “Music in the Mountains, Part 1: Rocking Out in Rural Retreat, Virginia”

Micro-Violence In Beckley, West Virginia!

Ya know, normally on a Thursday evening, I’d prefer to relax after coming home from a long day at work. Sit down to a hardy and healthy fast food burger. Vegetate on the couch in a greasy food-induced coma. Maybe fire up the old SNES system for some old school gaming. But on the night of April 19th, 2018, I made a conscious decision to get off my arse and get out to an event. An event like none other, like nothing I personally have ever attended in my life. Yes ladies and gentlemen, one could call this a bucket list worthy event. I’m talking about some mirco violence. Minuscule mayhem. Midget on midget chaos. All taking place under the roof of Muncheez Bar and Grill in Beckley West Virginia, one of my favorite venues in the area. This place is always hosting great and unique events and shows (thank you Brian Reznor) and I’ll admit I have been slacking on the “support local stuff” quests as of late. So, as I stated, I decided it was high time to roll to Beckley. And throw my car out of alignment on the terrible interstate going there…and pay the ridiculous tolls, both to and from, which are supposed to fix said sh!t tier roads…But that’s not the point here. Could be the subject of a future rant though…stay tuned folks. Continue reading “Micro-Violence In Beckley, West Virginia!”

Record Store Day 2018 is Coming Up. Here’s Some Info on this Awesome Day of Musical Celebration .

On what we hope to be a bright and comfortable 21st day of April, a grand yearly event will be taking place. A thing that many people are unaware of. Luckily for you guys, I’m here to enlighten. It’s not a huge national holiday, but to those who hold music and its importance near and dear, it’s a pretty big deal. It is, of course Record Store Day, if you hadn’t figured it out by the title of this post, and it’s always a great time for collectors of exclusive music and music related merchandise. This is the day when special limited edition vinyl and mixes are available. A day when big stars of all  genres create special promotional items and albums with the intent to promote and preserve one of our greatest cultural icons. The Record Store. Continue reading “Record Store Day 2018 is Coming Up. Here’s Some Info on this Awesome Day of Musical Celebration .”

Exploring The Great Outdoors Of Southwest Virginia In Early Spring: 15 Inches of Snow Edition

Hello gang. As many of you know, on Friday, March 23rd, Mother Nature went berserk and we in the Blue Ridge region got to experience all of Winter in a single 24 hour span. What a crock of $#!* that was…No electricity for days, trapped at your house, food going bad, no fan to sleep by…well, that was my story at least…some of you lucky @sses had generators, but it was still an ordeal, the likes of which many of us had not experienced in quite some time. I knew things were going to crap around 11 AM that day. The plan was to take my Mom out for her birthday dinner, but 10 minutes into our delicious Denny’s cuisine, I noticed through the window, that the sky appeared to be dumping ALL of its contents on everything outside. We choked down our food and high tailed it home…and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the weekend. Yay. Happy Birthday Ma… Continue reading “Exploring The Great Outdoors Of Southwest Virginia In Early Spring: 15 Inches of Snow Edition”

The Popularity Explosion of Szechuan Sauce

Szechuan sauce. Whether you have to look up how to spell it properly or have no knowledge of how to pronounce the name (At the drive thru a few nights ago, I got to hear “Zetchoon sauce”) there’s no denying that this seemingly normal condiment caused a massive stir since its reentry into the world in 2017. Oh, you didn’t hear about it? The riots? The huge lines of ravenous sauce hungry fans that formed in the wee hours outside of some McDonalds restaurants? Well believe it or not, this is true information, folks. Lets dip into this story and coat our curiosity nuggets in the sauce of knowledge as I talk about how an episode of the wildly popular show “Rick and Morty” created a sweet and tangy phenomenon of chaos.

Continue reading “The Popularity Explosion of Szechuan Sauce”

The Greatest Damn Cooking Show in the Universe…

So, let me say this. There’s nothing Fake about the above title to this blog. Yes, it’s a bold statement to make, seeing that the cooking show I speak of is, in fact, one of our very own creation. Blue Ridge Report is in the planning stages of bringing to the public (That’s you, you beautiful, lucky reader, you) the mother of all cooking shows. Or rather, the forgotten, illegitimate, twice removed cousin of actual good cooking shows. Hell, our show isn’t even related by marriage to real cooking programs, but it WILL be amazing. We here at BRR have pondered over this plan for all of like, 20 minutes total and we are certain that this will be THE NEXT BIG THING.

Fake News Nate and RomanoSpeaks, During Their Years in Cooking School Back in 1987

Continue reading “The Greatest Damn Cooking Show in the Universe…”

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