The Popularity Explosion of Szechuan Sauce

Szechuan sauce. Whether you have to look up how to spell it properly or have no knowledge of how to pronounce the name (At the drive thru a few nights ago, I got to hear “Zetchoon sauce”) there’s no denying that this seemingly normal condiment caused a massive stir since its reentry into the world in 2017. Oh, you didn’t hear about it? The riots? The huge lines of ravenous sauce hungry fans that formed in the wee hours outside of some McDonalds restaurants? Well believe it or not, this is true information, folks. Lets dip into this story and coat our curiosity nuggets in the sauce of knowledge as I talk about how an episode of the wildly popular show “Rick and Morty” created a sweet and tangy phenomenon of chaos.

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The Greatest Damn Cooking Show in the Universe…

So, let me say this. There’s nothing Fake about the above title to this blog. Yes, it’s a bold statement to make, seeing that the cooking show I speak of is, in fact, one of our very own creation. Blue Ridge Report is in the planning stages of bringing to the public (That’s you, you beautiful, lucky reader, you) the mother of all cooking shows. Or rather, the forgotten, illegitimate, twice removed cousin of actual good cooking shows. Hell, our show isn’t even related by marriage to real cooking programs, but it WILL be amazing. We here at BRR have pondered over this plan for all of like, 20 minutes total and we are certain that this will be THE NEXT BIG THING.

Fake News Nate and RomanoSpeaks, During Their Years in Cooking School Back in 1987

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Hungry Man Meals Introduce New Culinary Creation…


Fake News Nate here, bringing you my first official post. I felt that the subject matter of such an important event should be about something dear to my heart. Foodstuffs.

Hungry Man meals..we’ve all eaten them. Even if we weren’t that hungry, or that manly. Just the name alone evokes a feeling of satiated satisfaction. Alternatively, names like “Famished Fella” or “Peckish Chap” just don’t seem to convey the same satisfying, fill your belly, “Oh my God, i just wanna lay down” power of the Hungry Man meal. Continue reading “Hungry Man Meals Introduce New Culinary Creation…”

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