Nothing Important…Just My Feelings About the Current Weather…

March 20th, 2018. 8:54 PM. Based on the current weather and it’s apparent need to dump more snow now than it did during actual Winter, I thought maybe a few of you local folks might share the following sentiment with me… Continue reading “Nothing Important…Just My Feelings About the Current Weather…”

Tide Pods Nutritional Facts…

It’s 2018. Science is moving with leaps and bounds. We’ve seen advances in genetics and medicines, modern miracles, and amazing technology. Our children learn more now in the 3rd grade than many of us did in Junior High. Welcome to the glorious future! Why then, do I turn on the TV and hear that people are eating Tide pods. Eating detergent. WTF.

Hmm..Tide Pod or Peanut Butter Cup..

Continue reading “Tide Pods Nutritional Facts…”

Hungry Man Meals Introduce New Culinary Creation…


Fake News Nate here, bringing you my first official post. I felt that the subject matter of such an important event should be about something dear to my heart. Foodstuffs.

Hungry Man meals..we’ve all eaten them. Even if we weren’t that hungry, or that manly. Just the name alone evokes a feeling of satiated satisfaction. Alternatively, names like “Famished Fella” or “Peckish Chap” just don’t seem to convey the same satisfying, fill your belly, “Oh my God, i just wanna lay down” power of the Hungry Man meal. Continue reading “Hungry Man Meals Introduce New Culinary Creation…”

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